1. Dale says

    Hello, I have read somewhere that Eufrat is Portuguese. Even if she is eastern European (like most Met-Art models), Eufrat is probably a perfectly reasonable name from where she comes from!

    Griping about her name is rather stupid.

    By the way, I have seen listings that Carol Goldnerova was born in Russia, Hungary, or the Czech Republic. Personally, I think that she is Czech, but I think that listing someone’s birthplace w/o really KNOWING it is ignorant.
    I have also seen listings that Anette Dawn was born in either Denmark or Hungary, and the authors were ignorant about that. Why can’t they be sure? Personally, I believe that the answer is Hungary, because her personal Web site says that her home town is Budapest!

    I think that we could call that “straight out of the horse’s mouth”.

    Thanks, Dale

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