Leya A Met-Art

Leya A Cover

Leya A poses in these somber nude photos from Met-Art. She is a pretty girl captured in a very natural way. No make up or fancy hair. The photos are almost anti-glam. If that’s even a word. They were taken by Raphael and titled Filaxis.

Met-Art Leya AMet-Art Leya ALeya A Nude
Met-Art ModelNude ModelMetArt Nude


  1. Dale says

    In modern English, the word “make-up” is always capitalized, just like “topsy-turvy” is.

    Sometimes your writing is topsy-turvy, especially when it comes to words like “European”.


  2. Gina Marcela Páez Gil says

    Exquisita… además de la modelo…..
    el manejo extrahordinario con la luz natural y la escenografía……

    Gracias mil por un trabajo tan profesional, que nos permite deleitarnos ante tanta belleza capturada por la lente y la capacidad formidable de la modelo y el fotógrafo…


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