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Ulya I Makina

Here is a red head I’m sure you guys are going to like. Her name is Ulya I. The very talented Voronin from Met-Art took these photos and titled them Makina. Voronin has a very unique style and always get some erotic photos out of already attractive women. For instance the heart patterned stocking really add to an otherwise standard nude shoot. My hat’s off to you Voronin.

Met-Art Ulya I MakinaMet-Art Ulya I MakinaUlya I Makina Nude
Met-Art ModelNude ModelMetArt Nude


  1. kevin priest nyhc says

    ULYA…YOU HAVE STOLEN MY HEART! Throughout the coarse of my life I have seen many beautiful women. I am 35 yrs old and have only had 4 girlfriends (slept with many others) each of whom were gorgeous. But I have never declared any woman to be the “most beautiful� due the fact that I always wanted it to be true to my mind, heart and soul. I am now without a doubt certain ULYA ,…YOU ARE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL AND ENCHANTING WOMAN I HAVE EVER SEEN!…….excuse me now, while I go and slit my wrists!

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